Things to do

For a village of 2000 people, there is a wide variety of activities to suit different tastes:

Architecture & Town Planning

  • You can see an amazing array of architecture styles. Marvel at the foresight of the founders in setting up educational, health institutions that were advanced concepts even 100 years ago.
  • Garli was one of the most advanced villages of its time. Blessed with foresight and resources, the founding fathers set about creating an infrastructure that stands even today.

Garli Darshan

Pick up a map, and walk the trek routes to enjoy various facets of Garli. enjoy the view, the biodiversity, and the hospitality of the local population as you walk by.

Beas Safari

Sunsets on Riverbeds are always exhilarating sights, and Garli is no different.

Take a riverbed safari, drive on the gravel to the bank, walk around, dip your feet in the water and enjoy the location in all its glory

Local Entertainment

Upon request, enjoy a Himachali Folk Song and Dance routine performed by the village ladies. Learn of our culture, our food and customs. Alternatively, enjoy an evening of ghazals and film songs performed by our local boys band.

Religious Tours

Himachal is also called Dev Bhumi (land of the Gods). Garli is strategically placed such that visitors can make it a base and visit a multitude of temples such as Jwalamukhi, Chintpurni, Baglamukhi, KangraDevi, Baba Balaknath, Maha Kaleshwar temple, just to name some, all within driving distance from Garli

Dada Siba & Nangal Chowk

Take a day long trip to see the old paintings at Radha Krishan Mandir at Dada Siba, and then move on the vast expanse of the Maharana Pratap Sagar. In season, see the migratory birds, or just enjoy the breeze under an old tree etched with messages from lovers.

Night Safari

In an open Jeep, after 10 PM at night, drive though the local forest reserve. who knows,  you may spot a  wild boar, sambar, wild rabbits or maybe even a leopard in that safari. learn of the animal habitat from the local forest residents, and enjoy the fresh, crisp air.

Therapeutic Herbal Oil Massage

Some of the villagers have been trained by an Acharya from Kashi in the art of joint massage using a special herbal oil,

Feel rejuvenated after this massage

Available on advance notice, either for ladies or gents.