Our People

Tilak Raj

Village Pradhan

A photographer by profession, Shri Tilak Raj always has a smile on his face. In addition to his duties as the Sarpanch, he is actively involved in the promotion of tourism for Garli. 

He will be happy to help you

Ravi Datt Sharma

Village Guide

Hon Flight Lieutenant Ravi Sharma spent 37 years with the India Air Force before returning to his roots in Garli. He is well versed with the history of the village, and is full of anecdotes about the villages luminaries.

His services are available with prior notice.

Rakesh Rana

Taxi Service

An Electronics Diploma Holder, Rakesh decided to come back to his village and start his own business. 11 years later, he is a trusted name for travel by car to various places in North India.  

His services are available with prior booking.


Malai Barfi

His family have been making this local delicacy since 1893. It may be no surprise that his produce is sold out even before it is made. Pandit jee continues to make this delectable malai burfi in the traditional manner, and continues to maintain quality even today.

A must sample when you visit us.

Lovish Garlani

Wildlife Enthusiast

 Lovish is a local boy, student and a budding wildlife photographer. He has painstakingly documented the insects, amphibians, birds and flower of Garli. When on vacation, and at home, Lovish is a tireless proponent of the beauty of Garl's biodiversity.

If you are lucky, you may just meet him.

The enterprising ladies of Garli


These ladies are pioneering the revival of patchwork in Garli. Everyday, they take some time out from their responsibilities of running their respective homes, and participate in creating a range of patchwork products - from stoles to bed covers. Normally available from 10 Am to 2 PM, you can speak to them and witness first hand, the creation of a product

Artisans of Muhin

Basket Weavers

in this neighbouring village, around 5 families earn their living through weaving various Bamboo based products. These products are utilitarian, and are sold at fairs and events. You can perhaps try your hand at weaving a basket and take it home as a souvenir of your efforts.